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Road Weight Limits: As of today, February 5, 2024, there are no foreseen weight limits being imposed on Town of East Troy roadways.  However, should we have a cold snap, please reach out to confirm that none have been implemented.

Town Mission Statement

Here are the three collaboratively crafted Mission Statements that the Town Board would invite the community to review and comment on. Comments should be sent to the Town Board through the Town Clerk or the Town Board members’ email by May 5th.

The Town Board will take all suggestions into consideration and perhaps modify any of the three mission statements presented. The goal is to have the Town Board vote at the May 10th meeting to select the Town’s Mission Statement.

The selected Mission Statement will appear on the Town’s Website and the electronic Community Calendar inside Town Hall. Future uses of the Mission Statement will be determined.

The three Mission Statements presented at the April 20th Annual Meeting were the results of valued citizen input. The Town’s next steps are to narrow down the Vision Statements and Logo options so that community input can be gathered and final choices determined.

1) The Town of East Troy is a small southeastern Wisconsin community which has been generously blessed with natural resources and rich agricultural lands. The Town’s government is committed to protecting the safety of people and property, acting with integrity and maintaining fiscal responsibility. The citizens and government strive to support business, recreation and agriculture while making the Town of East Troy a great place to live and work, both for today and tomorrow.

2) The Town of East Troy is a community that provides the best of lake and country living by protecting prime agricultural lands and our natural resource treasures. The Town maintains a mutually respectful relationship with its neighbors to ensure a thriving, healthy quality of life for the present and future generations.

3) The Town of East Troy’s mission is to preserve the safety and wellness of its natural resources, properties, businesses and people. The Town’s government strives to serve the community with fiscal responsibility, integrity and professionalism.