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Contractor operations are accelerating now that we are in both the County ES intersection and continuing WIS 20 mainline. Work is also scheduled to begin on WIS 83 around the intersection with WIS 20 on May 9th. This section of WIS 83 is the gap between last years WIS 83 project and the Village Reconstruction project from 2019/2020. The rough schedule (weather dependent) on these operations is below.
Also, there is another WisDOT project starting up on I-43 from US 12 to WIS 83. The link to their website is below:
WIS 20/County ES Work
1) Access to Dollar General is available by using the median opening by McDonald’s/Shell and using the WIS 20 EB lanes to get to their driveway.
2) During the County ES closure, WIS 20 will remain open for access.
This Week:
1) Moved into the County ES intersection
2) Roadway Excavation and Storm sewer is ongoing. Aggregate placement is following behind.
Next Week:
1) Curb and gutter crews to being on site.
2) Continue moving forward with County ES.
Rough Schedule of County ES: (very weather dependent on exact dates)
– 5/6 – Set String line for Curb and Gutter
– 5/7 – Pour Curb and Gutter (will then need 5-6 days to cure and get strength for the asphalt pavers to work adjacent too).
– 5/8-5/10 – Work on sidewalk, traffic signal underground work
– 5/13-5/14 – Fine grade the aggregate for the asphalt pavement
– 5/15-5/20 – Asphalt pavement – 7-iches thick with (3) layers
– 5/21-5/22 – Pavement Marking
– 5/22 – Re-open the roadway.
WIS 83 Work – Waterford
WIS 83 Traffic:
1) Work is going to be performed using flagging operations and drums to delineate traffic when each operation is completed. Some minor delays should be expected with the flagging operations.
Rough Schedule for Operations: (very weather dependent on exact dates)
– 5/9 – Mill 2-Inches off the existing roadway and make some repairs below.
– 5/10 – Asphalt paving the area milled
– 5/13-5/14 – Pavement Markings
– 5/15 or later that week – Pick up drums and signs.
If you do not want to receive these updates, please let me know and I can remove you from the distribution list. Also, WisDOT has a project website set up for information that is more general than this email but could be useful if needed.
If you have any other questions or comment, please continue to reach out.