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**BEACH ROAD CLOSED**: Beach Road is CLOSED from Ravine Drive to East Shore due to Down Powerlines

WIS 20 Weekly Construction Update 05/17/2024



Thankfully, we had a very productive week without rain messing things up!


Starting with WIS 20/County ES – all the asphalt pavement is completed, and pavement marking is scheduled for Monday. If we can get those markings installed before any rain hits, we would likely be re-opening the intersection over night so Tuesday morning it would be functional again. I will send out a special notice on Monday when we have the confirmed details so everyone will know the schedule. I know it’s been a pain for most/all the locals and traffic, but the end is hopefully in sight now.


More good news to the east, WIS 83 is mostly completed and waiting on shouldering and some sign replacements. The asphalt was paved on Monday and pavement markings installed on Wed/Thursday. The crew that would perform the shouldering is at the WIS 20/County ES area trying to button-up their operations before we re-open. My intention is to have all our traffic control drums/signs removed on WIS 83 prior to Memorial Day weekend.


Information on the other WisDOT project up on I-43 from US 12 to WIS 83 is below:


WIS 20/County ES Work



  1. Access to Dollar General is available by using the median opening by McDonald’s/Shell and using the WIS 20 EB lanes to get to their driveway.
  2. During the County ES closure, WIS 20 will remain open for access.
  3. Potential re-opening on Monday night if pavement markings can be installed (weather depended)


This Week:

  1. Finished fine grading the gravel
  2. Started and completed asphalt paving around County ES. Work on WIS 20 to continue next week between County ES and County L.
  3. Install some of the traffic signal bases


Next Week:

  1. Re-open the intersection
  2. Asphalt paving east of County ES
  3. Backfill behind curb
  4. Prep for sidewalk
  5. Shouldering


Rough Schedule of County ES: (very weather dependent on exact date)

  • 5/20 – Begin/completed Pavement Marking
  • Re-open County ES when the marking is completed (tentatively scheduled for the night of 5/20. Will send a specific update out when schedule is known.


WIS 83 Work – Waterford


WIS 83 Traffic:

  1. Work is going to be performed using flagging operations and drums to delineate traffic when each operation is completed. Some minor delays should be expected with the flagging operations.

Rough Schedule for Operations:  

  • 5/21 – Install new signposts and other sign changes
  • 5/23 – Construct the gravel shoulders.
  • 5/23/24 – Pick up the drums.  

 Also, WisDOT has a project website set up for information that is more general than this email but could be useful if needed.