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**BEACH ROAD CLOSED**: Beach Road is CLOSED from Ravine Drive to East Shore due to Down Powerlines

This Week-

Construction Update: 


We are approaching the end of Stage 2 and moving into Stage 3 mid-next week (June 5th if the weather cooperates). See attached for construction flyers showing the upcoming changes. The biggest change in Stage 3 is WIS 20 between County L and WIS 83 is closed to local traffic. Local traffic is people accessing the local businesses or residences on and along WIS 20. The barricades will be staggered so traffic can go around to get to their destination.

Also, when we switch traffic into stage 3, County ES and County L will remain open. Those closure schedules will happen later (County ES north leg is looking like end of July for now).

The only other unknown is the Operating Engineers 139 Union is voting/meeting today on whether to accept a new bargaining deal. If they choose to strike, that will have an impact to the project schedule. If anything changes over the weekend, I’ll send out another update.

WIS 20 – Remaining work in Stage 2:


  1. Access to Dollar General is available by using the median opening by McDonald’s/Shell and using the WIS 20 EB lanes to get to their driveway.

This Week:

  1. Finished shouldering and sign installation
  2. Final restoration on areas along the outside of WIS 20 and County ES.

Next Week:

  1. Install permanent pavement markings where available
  2. Install temporary markings and traffic control devices for Stage 3 switch

WIS 20 – Stage 3 (Beginning on June 5th in the afternoon)


  1. WIS 20 will be closed to local traffic between County L in East Troy, and WIS 83 in Waterford. The road will be open to local businesses and residents to use as needed. We plan on installing staggard barricades to allow traffic to go around them to access where they need to go. All the side roads will have access WIS 20 to go around the closure by the railroad tracks if needed.
  2. Access to Bower’s Produce can be made by continuing east on WIS 20 from County L (East Troy)
  3. Access to Green Meadows can be made by going west on WIS 20 from WIS 83 (Waterford)
  4. WIS 20 in East Troy moves from the westbound lanes to the newly built eastbound lanes.
  5. I-43 SB entrance and I-43 NB exit ramps re-open
  6. I-43 NB entrance and I-43 SB exit ramps close.


Next Two Weeks:

WIS 20 – County L to WIS 83

  1. Marking out all the road patched between County L and WIS 83.
  2. Saw cutting the patches to prep for removals
  3. Installing cross culverts/Storm Sewer


WIS 20 in East Troy:

  1. Begin breaking up the old concrete pavement
  2. Begin storm sewer installation


Information on the other WisDOT project up on I-43 from US 12 to WIS 83 is below:

Information on the US 12 project between Elkhorn and WIS 20: